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Hand Marbled 100% Silk Chakra Scarves in 7 Colors:
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.

Each 8" x 54" silk scarf is dyed and marbled by hand using environmentally friendly, water-based pigment dyes, then signed by the artist to create a one-of-a-kind gift. The marbled look evokes the swirling elegance of fine Italian paper, which combines with the textural sensuality of silk to truly beautiful effect.

Chakra scarves are individually packaged in attractive clear gift boxes and include an informative bookmark that describes the healing properties of each chakra/color as well as their correlation to the bagua for feng shui cures, their connections to gemstones and astological signs, and the states of consciousness the colors on each scarf evoke.

Chakra scarves combine the sensual qualities of silk with the healing vibrations of color. They are the brainchild of designer Zohara Shenkman.

Click on the images below to see a larger, more detailed picture of each scarf.

Red - Root Chakra - Hand Marbled Silk Scarf Red: The Root Chakra Scarf

This exciting red scarf calls forth physical energy. Also use when stability is sought during a new beginning.
Feng Shui: Enhance public recognition by displaying in your fame corner.

Orange - Spleen Chakra - Hand Marbled Silk Scarf Orange: The Spleen Chakra Scarf

This vibrant orange scarf resonates with playful and sensuous energies. Wear for a time of pleasure and fun. Flow your emotions up to the point of laughter. Experience changes easily.

Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra - Hand Marbled Silk Scarf Yellow: The Solar Plexus Chakra Scarf

This energizing yellow silk reminds you and others of your own unique personal power. Wear to experience self-love or magical transformation.
Feng Shui: Display at the center of your home or office to create health.

Green - Heart Chakra - Hand Marbled Silk Scarf Green: The Heart Chakra Scarf

The soothing green scarf will bring you more balance and centering. Feel love, compassion, and healing.
Feng Shui: Place in the family corner to bring Harmony.

Blue - Throat Chakra - Hand Marbled Silk Scarf Blue: The Throat Chakra Scarf

Wear this calming blue silk when you want to enhance communication, whether through speaking or listening. Use when you desire focused creative thought and mental determination.
Feng Shui: Hang in the knowledge corner.

Indigo - Brow Chakra - Hand Marbled Silk Scarf Indigo: The Brow Chakra Scarf

When you use the divine indigo scarf during meditation you will stimulate your imagination and visualization. The "third eye" is the seal of intuition and clairvoyance.

Violet - Crown Chakra - Hand Marbled Silk Scarf Violet: The Crown Chakra Scarf

Use the royal Violet scarf to invite inspiration and enlightenment. Wear this scarf when you aspire to a higher state of conciousness.
Feng Shui: Display in the wealth corner.


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